Thursday, October 05, 2006

A book that every aspiring CEO should read ...

I was reading this book for some time and found it to be a very enlighting experience. I am sure it changed the way I think and work for good. I guess every one should read it with out missing. It is titled as "Good to Great" and written by Jim Collins. Great reasearch work and gives great insight into what factors helped in building some of the great companies. Thoguh it is a well known fact that one has to recruit the right people, I especially liked the way he conveyed the point -- "getting the right people on the bus and more importantly letting the wrog people get off the bus " before deciding the right strategy. He also stresses that right people are those who are desciplined people and need not be managed and he brings out very well the improtance f desciplined organization as factors for the sucess and growth. He brings out that the descipline helped many large American corporations to grow consitently and become great companies. If someone does not own it and wants to buy, use the following link to buy the book at Amazon at discounted prices.


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