Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Very good Audio and video links of CEO talks

Today, I created this blog and and I came across the following interesting Video links of a number of CEO talks. I was especially looking for the videos of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. I have to present my product tomorrow to important people and in this context I perticularly liked Steve's introduction of the easy to use , elegant IPOD. It was crisp, to the point and introduced the product very well. I could pick up a few tips from here.

Stanford Summit Video Archives .. Wonderful discussions with interesting people
Bill Gates Webcasts .. Excellent Technology Keynote Videos from famous people from CES 2006
Steve Job's speech at Stanford's graduation .. Considered as one of Steve's best speeches
Steve Job - Steve Job launching MAC
Steve Job - First Ever IPOD Launching Event .. Very well presented
Steve Job's launching IPOD HI-FI
Charlie Rose's Interviews of famous personalities as videos .. Great interviews to watch
Audio interviews of many WEB 2.0 companies .. Listen to the new and young generation CEOs


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