Saturday, March 20, 2010

Save a ton using Magicjack (VOIP device) during overseas travel

This devise saved me atleast 1000 USD in my recent Europe trip.

It is a very useful device to carry, when you are travelling outside USA. It is very small. Almost like a bigger USB drive. Its interface is excellent. Connect it to your Laptop USB drive during your business travel. Other side of the device has regular telephone jack interface. While I am in hotel, I dis-connect my hotel telephone from the wall and connect to this Magic jack device. Its is this user interface that makes it so easy to use. Once it is connected, I use the telephone to call any USA number as I call from USA. So, this needs that our laptop is connected to internet. In business travel, our laptops are mostly connected to internet anyway. This device is very convenient to use from hotel rooms or home etc. as it connects to laptop. One of the drawback is that we can not use it while we are on road unless your PC is on and connected to internet. Similarly, receiving the calls is also not very convenient unless we are near the computer. But, it is the best way to call to USA during overseas travel, from hotel rooms from any where in the world. Here is the best part. It costs around < 40 USD / Yr.


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