Monday, January 07, 2008

Jott : Fantastic application that interfaces voice to many applications.

jott : Cool productivity application : Amust have for everyone

1) It is free
2) It converts your voice into e-mails, data beses and even blogs. Amazing.
3) It has links to many popular 3rd party applications/sites

Ex. You are driving a car and you fixed an appointment with one fo your friends/doctor. You nee dto enter this in Gooole Calender. All that you need to do is call to the tel number provided by Jott and leave a voice mail with time, date and with whom. Boom. Your Google calendar is updated and a mail is sent to your in box.

Another scenario. You stopped car and filled gas. You call Jott and tell your expense information and it is automatically updated online at another free app xpenser. I found this extremely useful to track my expenses. I can go online at my convenience and analyse my expense reports.

I believe that this is going to be one of the most sought after Voice Recognition appication. I am sure that you would see its aintegration to many applications in 2008. Bravo to the team that developed these smart applications.


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